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Tips and Tricks For Organizing Your Closet

by Danielle Arsenault October 13, 2014



Hi there!  I'm Danielle from For the Love of Leopard, a personal style blog.  I'm honored to be guest blogging on Remington Ready today, and to bring you some of my favorite tips for keeping your closet organized, functional, and looking beautiful. 


• Keep it organized.  No matter how big or small your closet is, it is important that every item has a home.  You will be more likely to put things away if you know where each item is supposed to live.  It takes some time upfront but makes life so much easier when you are looking for something specific.  I have separated my hanging clothes in the following sections, and then organize them by color:


◦ Tank tops
◦ Tee Shirts
◦ Long Sleeve Shirts
◦ Blazers
◦ Button Downs
◦ Skirts


• Everything should be visible! If you are unable to see something, you most likely are going to forget about it and not wear it.  Items that are in sight are more likely to be worn. 


◦ Roll tank tops so you can easily see and grab what you need
◦ Hang tights and nylons on a hanger for easy access
◦ Stack sweaters and pants vertically on shelves


• Fold your sweaters! I cannot stress this one enough. We've all experienced the dreaded shoulder nipples you get from hanging your sweaters, and once those babies are there, they are nearly impossible to remove.  Fold your sweaters, people.


• No orphan hangers. Set up an area for empty hangers.   When you take an item of clothing off it's hanger, move the hanger to the designated space.  If you leave bare hangers amongst all of your clothes, not only does it look sloppy but it also makes it that much harder to find a hanger when you need one.


• Invest in matching hangers.  Much like orphan hangers, mismatched hangers can look sloppy and take away from the real focus - the clothes.  Figure out how many hangers you need, and then order a matching set in bulk.  These hangers are my absolute favorite for several reasons. #1, they are non-slip, so your clothes stay in place.  #2 they are super slim, so you can fit more clothes on each rod.


• Use vertical space  In my opinion, closets are never big enough - but a lot of times the space above the clothing rods goes unused.  This is a great space to store items that aren't in season.  Or use cute baskets, like these Martha Stewart ones, to corral smaller items like scarves or belts.


To see more of Danielle's fabulous work, head over to her blog For The Love of Leopard!

Jewelry Organization 101

by Jennifer Jones January 21, 2013

Hi there! Jen from IHeart Organizing here today to share with you how I organize and store my jewelry, and provide some additional examples of other awesome jewelry storage ideas as well.


What girl doesn't love a little bling? It is the icing on the outfit and is how we finish off our style. However, if we don't have a little control over how we store our jewels, they can become damaged, ruined or lost.


The first thing I do that is super simple and works like a charm, is place an itty bitty dish on my nightstand. That way, when I go to bed at night, my wedding bands have a special home while I sleep, and are easy to find again the following morning.




For all of my other jewelry, I am a "have to see it to use it" kind of gal. So, I created a simple jewelry display above my dresser. The display allows me to see quickly, at a glance, what I have and what will work with the day's specific outfit.




To create the jewelry storage, I used a few simple frames and inserted special backings to display the jewelry.


For the necklaces, I used cork covered with fabric, which allows me to use push pins to hold the jewels.




By using pushpins, I can select the location and height of each piece, it's a very simple and versatile setup.




And for my earrings, I found this super fantastic sheet of cutout aluminum {from Home Depot}, which I cut down to size and popped into the frame.




I use this for my dangly earrings, and I love that I can always see what I have and make a quick choice in the morning when I am getting ready.




For the smaller bits such as stud earrings, extra backs and broaches, I use a ceramic egg tray.




And although I am not a big ring wearer, I do have a couple and found this charming white ceramic hand silhouette to be the perfect solution!



And last but not least, another dish, this one larger, is a great solution for extra bracelets and watches.




I scoured the web for some additional jewelry organization ideas and it seems that many others are fans of displaying their pretties as well.



{Source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8



There are many great tools on the market to help you get your jewelry in order, from jewelry trees to earing holders to the classic jewelry box. Or, you can get a little creative and repurpose everyday items such as ice cube trays, decorative dishes and muffin tins. And if a good DIY is what you love, updating picture frames and cutlery trays to display your goodies is a simple and effective option. The main thing to remember is to pair things down, only keep what you love and then keep it all divided. Jewelry can easily become mismatched, lost or tangled, so dividers are a necessity and giving every piece a home is the key.


Happy Organizing!





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