Some people would say that the topknot is my "signature" hair style. I promise you it is not because I am trying to be fashion forward or chic (although topknots ARE both!) I wear topknots because I look better with my hair up, and I hate washing my hair.


Topknots are wonderful for a variety of reasons: they make you look taller, they make your cheekbones stand out, they make you look effortless, they make you look trendy, they take 5 minutes to do, even if you suck at doing hair you can make a topknot, you never have to wash your hair, they stay nice in the rain and snow, did I mention wearing your hair up makes you look taller and thinner!


I wanted to share with you how I made my perfect topknots, and all the fun accessories that you can play around with to make your knot unique!


Happy Knotting!



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