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The Hottest Swimsuit Styles for 2014

by Kristi Stalter March 26, 2014



 #1- South Beach swimsuit- Savasana Grey Bikini

I jumped on the athletic inspired swimwear trend last summer and was glad to see that it is still in the limelight. If you are like me, you have days where you like to be active around the pool or beach.  This suit is made for swimming, playing volleyball or diving into the pool. It will stand out among the feminine cuts and the bold color blocking of the suit is always in style.



#2- Urban Outfitters- High waist swimsuit

High waist bottoms are back in again this summer. The cut can be flattering on most women and provides a great alternative to a boy-cut bikini bottom. The high waist is slimming in case you are worried about what you had for lunch or about your figure. If you haven’t already, be sure to try this retro trend.



#3- Robin Piccone- Portrait back one piece suit


I am all about modesty and usually prefer a bit more coverage when I go to the beach or pool. There have always been a fair share of one-piece suits but there are so many more high fashioned ones that are being designed.  This one piece suit by Robin Piccone is one of my favorite suits that I have ever owned am all It has a high neckline that ties around the neck and features a low scooped back. It is very flattering and is a great pick if you want something elegant and stylish.



#4- BP cage cutouts

A cutout one-piece is a great edgy and modesty, especially if you’re not ready to bare it all in a bikini. It has a wearable peekaboo effect while still being a sophisticated swimsuit choice. Pair them with a bare of flat sandals and a simple beach bag and you are ready to go.



#5-VS bandeau top

It is impossible to talk about swimsuits without mentioning Victoria’s Secret. I’m not going to mention how many swimsuits I have from them but it is probably too many.  I usually end up buying separates and pairing them with tops or bottoms that I already own.  You can mix and match so many different ways and VS almost always has some type of promotion going on so you never have to pay full price!



See more from Kristi on her blog, The Coral Court!

3 Ways To Style A Floral Kimono

by Ariel Hamilton March 24, 2014

Hey there! My name is Ariel and I'm the face behind AUTEUR ARIEL, a fashion and lifestyle blog. I'm so excited to be guest posting on Remington Ready today!

If there is one trend that I am obsessed with this spring, it's floral kimonos! They're cute, comfy, and brighten up any outfit you wear it with! Here are three different ways you can style a floral kimono this season. If you don't own a floral kimono yet, check out these ones from PacSun and Forever 21! They've got a great variety of them--I want to buy them all!



Look #1: Boho
Floral fits in perfectly with the style of "boho-chic." I love the way the solid color of the maxi skirt compliments the floral pattern of the kimono. Many boho pieces are very flowy and loose and this kimono fits that description to a T! Also, you can never go wrong with a floral headdress when it comes to boho fashion!




Look #2: Casual
Adding a plain white tee and distressed jeans to a floral kimono definitely dresses the look down. I'm all about being comfortable when it comes to fashion and this outfit screams comfort! This outfit is perfect for going to school, hanging with friends, or simply running errands! It's effortless, but the kimono still gives the look a little pizazz.




Look #3: Dressy
You can never go wrong layering chiffon with chiffon! I'm obsessed with the way the floral kimono pops on this fancy white dress. The kimono already has a great sophisticated look, so making it look "dressy" isn't very hard! Adding a cute pair of heels and a statement necklace makes this outfit perfect for a date night or going to church--or any dressy occasion, really!


I love how versatile floral kimonos are! They are definitely an essential when it comes to your spring wardrobe. Feel free to swing by my blog, AUTEUR ARIEL, for more looks and fashion!

Trend Alert! Olympic Fashion Style Guide

by Remington Ready February 24, 2014

With the Winter Olympics coming to an end, companies are teaming up with different countries to support their favorite teams. Instead of a traditional t-shirt with your team’s name on it, many brands took a sophisticated approach to outfitting the teams. Companies like Ralph Lauren, Nike, North Face, and Lacoste are just a few of the popular names that are keeping athletes and fans not only warm this Olympic season, but in style as well!




How To Style One Sweater Three Different Ways

by Jacy Tilton February 17, 2014


I picked up this great oversized cardigan from H&M for under $30, and I've already worn it so many times.



 One of my favorite styling tricks is to mix dressy and casual pieces to create a unique and unexpected outfit! Here I wore a trendy graphic tee tucked into a [faux] leather skirt, and topped off the look with my sweater to keep it more casual (and warmer). Accessories like my statement necklace are a great way to add color to the basic, neutral pieces in your wardrobe!





 An oversized cardigan is classic when styled with jeans and a tee or tank top. This look is so easy to throw on for errands on the weekend, and is comfortable and cute too! In this case, I paired my sweater with lightly distressed boyfriend jeans and a tucked in tee. I added interest to these more basic items by mixing in subtle prints. Leopard is a neutral print, which makes it easy to style with virtually any color, and a striped piece like my scarf is simple enough to pair with other prints and colors.



On cold, dreary days, I'm all about putting together a comfy-chic outfit! A long, lightweight top or sweater is perfect to wear with leggings, and in this case I layered my two lighter-weight sweaters together for a warm and comfortable outfit. I added some fun accents to my look with my trendy over-the-knee boots, and a burgundy scarf. Scarves are probably my very favorite accessory because they can instantly add interest to your outfit through color, pattern and/or texture!



See more from Jacy on her blog, Love Lenore

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Tucking In Your Shirt: A Simple Guide

by Remington Ready October 14, 2013


Your shirt: should it be inside or outside of your pants? A vexing question indeed. The choice itself often has to do with the image you want to project. It should be self-evident that tucking your shirt in often gives off a cleaner, more professional look, while leaving it untucked projects a more carefree, laissez-faire attitude. There are however a few guidelines that, in most circumstances, should be followed.


If you’re wearing a tie, tuck your shirt in.

This is fairly obvious, yet some people feel that the “business in front, party below the waist” look can work. These people are wrong. Wearing a tie with an untucked shirt looks unusual at best, as the tie is supposed to drop right to your waistline. An untucked shirt obscures your waistline and inevitably makes your tie look too short. If you must untuck your shirt in a tie-wearing situation, say at a wedding where you are dancing up a sweat, then take off the tie. There is no reason to leave it on at this point.


If you’re wearing dress slacks, tuck in your shirt.

Similar to the tie, dress pants kind of necessitate that you tuck in your shirt. Dress pants look unusual with an untucked, button-down shirt. Those viewing your sartorial choice might ask, “why did he even bother wearing those nice pants if he won’t bother to tuck in his shirt?” An exception in this case can be made for a polo shirt, though it needs to be the perfect size to keep it from looking off while untucked.


If you’re wearing jeans, use sound judgment.

Jeans imply a casual nature, even designer jeans to a degree. Thus, you ought to do what looks best. This requires a mirror and a sound opinion (yours or otherwise). Tucking your shirt in with jeans can make you look sleek or make you look like you’re headed to a rodeo, so choose wisely.



If you’ve forgotten your belt, don’t tuck in your shirt.

This seems silly, but putting your beltless midsection on display will not go unnoticed. Open, naked belt loops just draw the eye. Older men in particular, for reasons unknown, will not hesitate to walk up to a complete stranger and ask them where their belt is. If you’re wearing a tie and have forgotten your belt, you’re in quite the pickle. We recommend losing the tie, and untucking your shirt, or keeping your jacket buttoned at all times to obscure the shameful fact that you forgot your belt.


If you’re wearing a sports jersey, don’t tuck it in.

Just don’t do it. It looks ridiculous. (Unless you’re actually playing an organized sport that requires it and the jersey is yours, not Bo Jackson’s.)


There you go. The glaringly obvious have been left off this brief guide as to avoid insulting your intelligence – things like don’t tuck in your sweater, don’t tuck things into your elastic waistband, etc. Of course, any rule can be broken. If they couldn’t, we’d likely be walking around with muttonchops, puffy blouses, and large buckles on our shoes to this day. Just be sure to look at yourself and ask, “am I really pulling this off? Really?” Never lie to yourself.

How to Style the Baseball Tee

by Melissa Uy September 3, 2013


The basic baseball tee is a must have in a essential wardrobe, you can style it in many different ways to achieve the "sporty" or wearable day time look.



Styled with Jeggings

Jeggings can make a very a outfit feel casual yet comfortable. Style this look with a pair of ballet flats, and your ready to run your errands and grab coffee while you're at it.



Styled with a Skirt

A printed skirt can liven up any top or blouse, you can mix match prints and have fun playing with skirt lengths. Add a statement necklace and bracelet and you'll have a completed look.



Styled with Shorts

Shorts in different lengths: high waisted, midrise, short short can be very appealing depending on your body shape. You can add an accent belt and accessories to pair your outfit.




See more by Melissa Uy on:




Instagram @Bohemianragz22


Twitter @Bohemianragz22



How to Wear a Crop Top | The Right Way

by Katie Manwaring August 26, 2013

Over the past year crop tops have made a major comeback and it doesn't look like they are going away anytime soon. While the trend is definitely enticing, (who doesn't want to show a little skin in summer's heat?) it's one where it's easy for your look to go totally wrong. Baring a little midriff is cute in the right circumstances and can be done in a completely tasteful way, however showing too much skin can take your outfit South. To give you some inspiration when styling your own crop tops we pulled together four of a our favorite midriff-baring looks.


High Waisted Skirt

If your crop top is skimpy, try pairing it was a high waisted midi or maxi skirt - this way you only show a little bit of midriff. Still want to cover up a little more? Top off your look with a blazer in a fun color. 





To take attention away from the skin you're showing, choose a crop top that's embellished. Whether it's a bow, jewels, textured pattern or lace - eyes will be on your cute top. 



Wide Leg Pants

Another great way to style a crop top is with a pair of high waisted, wide leg pants. The cut of the pants along with the crop top lengthens the body and gives the illusion of taller height.






Want to make a statement? Wearing a matching patterned crop top and bottom is a fashion-forward way to wear the trend and bare some skin.


See more from Katie at

Top 10 Men’s Shoes for the Summer

by RemReadyMan July 15, 2013

Whether you’re headed for the beach or into the office, it’s time to get out and grab some new kicks for the rest of summer. Going for some color or something more versatile? Up your summer style with one of these new options!


Timberland Earthkeepers Hookset Handcrafted Fabric Oxford ($75.00)

Pair these with swim trunks for a day at the beach or some jeans for a night out during vacation. The Hookset will add some nautical flair to your look.



Toms Navy Canvas Men’s Paseos ($64.00)

It’s hard to find a more versatile sneaker that the Paseos. Simple, lightweight, and stylish, all while supporting a good cause.



Vans Canvas Authentic ($45.00)

A classic when it comes to a canvas shoe. With a ton of colors to choose from, go crazy with a bright color or subtle with a white or tan, the options are endless!



Sperry Authentic Original Boat Shoe ($85.00)

There’s a reason you’ve seen these before. A summer classic that you can dress up or down for nearly any occasion.



G.H Bass & Co. Pasadena Taupe ($79.00) Everyone needs a plain toe oxford in their closet. Match these with a pair of gray slacks to spice up your summer office attire.



H&M Leather Shoes ($69.95)

A classic looking dress shoe with some color. Pair your khakis with something other than black or brown and go blue!



Nike Free 5.0+ ($100.00)

Go for comfort for your summer work-out plan. Pick a color that suits your personality or customize your own, these lightweight runners can be seen on anyone.



Puma El Ace Perf Men’s Sneakers ($43.50)

The perforated leather lets your feet breathe on those hot days. A simple, California-styled sneaker that gives the right balance of comfort and personality.



Chaco Fathom Sandal ($60.00)

For the outdoorsy man. These aren’t your standard flip-flops, break the bank a little for a sandal that won’t leave your feet sore.



H&M Leather Flip-flops ($29.95)

Light and made of leather. Stay cool with these flip-flops while still dressing up a big. Perfect for a summer BBQ or beach party!




-by RemReadyMan

Facial Hair as a Fashion Statement and The Bare Tree Giveaway!

by Bare Tree Apparel June 3, 2013



In a world where women have the ability change their look on a day to day basis with the addition of a necklace, the swap of some earrings and a wrist full of bangles, men, typically, aren’t so lucky. With the exception of those who can rock accessories and exude confidence that surely most women only dreamed of emanating, most men have very few options to work with. However, the blessing in disguise that offers the upper hand in male accessorizing is no other than the addition or man-scaping of facial hair.

Beards date all the way back to the caveman years and have remained to this day, a symbol of masculinity and power; the days of sharpening a knife and scraping away at stubble are long gone. From Five O’clock Shadows to Handlebars and the rugged Fu Manchu, all it takes is a split second for a man to completely change the way he looks. Beards are spectacular; that sucker will grow right back in the morning if the soul patch you tried out for the bars last night wasn’t doing the trick. And to all those clean shaven men out there, remember, the ladies love a little extra something to grab, and every man looks intelligent stroking a perfectly groomed patch of hair on his chin.


What guy doesn’t want to be that epic "guy with the Mario mustache" and what woman doesn’t want to know that guy? Ladies, all you need is an "I Like Your Beard" tank top, and those men will flock to you. Yes, the men will indeed flock but consider yourself warned, the man with his lunch declaring a new home in his beard should more than likely be left as the beard that got away.



Now you can win your own "I Like Your Beard" tank or "Moosetache" t-shirt from Bare Tree Apparel! Go over to the Remington Ready Facebook page to enter, or click HERE.



See more of Bare Tree Apparel's awesome t-shirts and tank tops by going over to their website, or stop by their Facebook page 


Calling All Gents!

by RemReadyMan February 25, 2013


Remington is excited to announce MANstyle. Run by men, for men, we’re here for your grooming, styling, and fashion fix. Trends come and go (remember frosted tips?...) so let us keep you up to date on what’s hot, and what’s definitely not. Whether you’ve never picked up a bottle of aftershave in your life (and you should... see tip 101) or you already fancy yourself a seasoned style vet, MANstyle is here to keep you looking and feeling great!


Ladies, we didn’t forget about you. Tune in for simple tips and tricks to help your man look his best and great gift ideas for any occasion!


Make sure to bookmark our page and follow us on Twitter @RemReadyMan



-Jr. of RemReadyMan