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Self Tanning 101

by Keltie Colleen July 16, 2012


When I was in high school I was really hot. I mean it. I had over bleached hair, Guess jeans and a perfect tropical tan. (I should mention that I went to high school in Northern Canada where 9 months of the year we lived in a freezing cold, snowy wonderland.) I was extra hot because I spent 22 minutes everyday after school inside my local tanning  studio working on my perfect tropical tan.


You know how the saying goes... “If I only knew then, what I know now.”


Let’s face it, the suns rays make us age...and aging sucks. The sun causes your skin to do all kinds of ugly things like get wrinkles and sun spots, and can also lead to scary stuff like skin cancer. The worst part about it is that none of the damage is instant. You can be a sun worshiper for years, and then one day wake up with skin that looks like it belongs on a leather purse. The only way to stay looking young to is avoid the sun completely. Of course, this means skipping out on your own perfect tropical tan, or spending a ton of money to have a machine “spray tan” you with some orange paint that only lasts a few days.


I am a big believer in an at home self-tan. I wanted to share my secrets to a great in home tan because there are thousands of products out there and I have pretty much tried them all (I have the horrible photos to prove it). Remember, always wear sunscreen on your face. I wear SPF 70 everyday. Your older self will really thank you for it!


One final thought, unless you are a unicorn please do not use a self-tanning product that has chunks of glitter in it. Glitter is a sure fire way for everyone to figure out that you tanned at home and have not been vacationing in the south of France on your yacht! Say no to glitter tan-o-holics!!



A Few Tips Before You Start:


- Always shower and exfoliate before applying a self-tanner.


- Remember to WASH YOUR HANDS after you apply the tanner.


- Take your time when applying the tanner and make sure that the product is applied evenly.


- Run around your house naked for 20 minutes after you apply to tanner to make sure that it dries evenly and doesn’t ruin your clothing.


 - Apply tanner all the way into your hairline.


 - Never apply a self-tan the night before an important meeting or event. If something goes wrong you want a day to be able to fix it!




Four Products I Love:


1.  Kiehl’s Sun Free Tanning Formula

I love this product because it’s very natural, smells great and is a light consistency so it doesn't streak the way a thick cream does. It's natural color just gives your skin a healthy glow, and not a “hi, I just did a self-tan” look.


2. Adonia Bronzing Glow™ Self Tanner

I love this at home spray tanner because it’s really easy to get a streak free tan. You spray a small amount onto your skin and then rub it in. It’s a half oil and half serum mix and is super light on the skin. I know many of my friends that are dancers on Dancing With The Stars swear by this tanner.


3. St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse

I love that this product comes with an applicator mitt because it’s always a challenge for me to not end up with “tanner hands” after I self tan at home. St. Tropez is a beautiful color and is so lightweight you don’t feel it on your skin at all. I also think that St. Tropez is the longest lasting at home tan that you can get.


4. Lorac Tantalizer

You know when you see celebs on the red carpet and their leg skin is shimmery, tanned and seemingly perfect. Many times, it’s actually body make-up. My favorite is Lorac. This is not a self-tan but a cream that can be applied until your next shower that will give you a tan for the night, plus some shimmer. It’s perfect for a night out, when you are rocking a minidress. Just be careful because it will come off on your clothes when you sweat (ie. don’t wear white!)



By Keltie Colleen is a blogger/author. You can check out her blog on Buzznet and you can "Like" her Facebook page for a free chapter of her book Rockettes, Rockstars and Rockbottom

The Topknot

by Keltie Colleen April 23, 2012


Some people would say that the topknot is my "signature" hair style. I promise you it is not because I am trying to be fashion forward or chic (although topknots ARE both!) I wear topknots because I look better with my hair up, and I hate washing my hair.


Topknots are wonderful for a variety of reasons: they make you look taller, they make your cheekbones stand out, they make you look effortless, they make you look trendy, they take 5 minutes to do, even if you suck at doing hair you can make a topknot, you never have to wash your hair, they stay nice in the rain and snow, did I mention wearing your hair up makes you look taller and thinner!


I wanted to share with you how I made my perfect topknots, and all the fun accessories that you can play around with to make your knot unique!


Happy Knotting!



Keltie Colleen is a blogger/author. You can check out her blog on Buzznet and you can "Like" her Facebook page for a free chapter of her book Rockettes, Rockstars and Rockbottom

V-Day the Single Way

by Keltie Colleen February 13, 2012

Warning: Baby with bow and arrow


Oh hey Valentine's Day, you snuck up on my there...I didn't see you coming for me. I was busy feeling sorry for myself after being alone for Christmas. I was spending all my free time looking at my instagram feed of photos of me kissing my wine glass, the wall and the air on New Years Eve. Le sigh.


I have always wondered why the universe decided to place three holidays so close together. I wondered this the most when I was single. For those of you who know me, you have followed my recovery from a bad case of a broken-heart over on my blog. For those of you who have no idea who I am, I will give you a quick re-cap. I fell in love three times, got dumped three times, a sat alone for three years crying, then I wrote a book about it called Rockettes, Rockstars and Rockbottom. Shortly after that, I became the poster child for everything not to do after a break-up.


After I got all of that heartbreak out of my system, a very magical thing happened. I met “the one." There he was, all 6" 5' of him, standing in front of me, willing to love me till the end of the Earth. This Christmas we got engaged, and on New Years Eve we smooched under the moon in Thailand. Oh crap, I am not helping, am I? This was supposed to be a blog about how to deal with being alone on Valentine's Day. You hate me already.


I guess my point is that, sure, being alone lands at the same level of suckery as say a Brazilian bikini wax and weighing yourself, but it isn't permanent. This too shall pass. If you are cool enough to end up on this blog, then I have a good feeling that you are cool enough to land a major babe, forever lover.

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