Getting a brand new iPad 2 a week before college finals and graduation.. that’s bad! Finally being able to use it once I’m finished (after having my roomie hide it for the week): that’s awesome! Needless to say I COULD-NOT-WAIT to scour the app store for the latest and greatest style, beauty and fashion apps. After hours upon hours of researching (read:playing) I’ve come up with a list of my top ultimate 10 must-have favorite apps (aside from Angry Birds and Fashion Story, which are insanely addicting btw!) that are totally worth checking out:




Beauty Apps



1) Pulse

Pulse is a news app that takes current photos from your favorite news sites and creates a scrollable mosaic of pictures from the articles. It doesn’t have to be stuffy boring news either, Pulse allows you to add some of your favorite fashion and style sources like Refinery 29, The Cut and the Sartorialist. You can even sync your Facebook and Twitter for a sensory experience of pictures uploaded by your friends and peers. Like an article you see? Clicking on the picture takes you to the article in full in a snap.


2) Ultimate Beauty by ModiFace

I must have put dozens of virtual makeover apps to the test, this one is a winner. It allows you to easily upload your own picture (or choose a default model one, if you prefer) and apply makeup to create different looks. It comes with preset looks that you can modify to suit your look, or you can go all out and create your own for fun. This is one app you could easily spend hours at just trying out different looks that look flattering. Best of all you don’t have to wash it all off after, and the app shows you which makeup brands (the app has a mix of drugstore and high-end brands) and colors you used to create the look so you can pick them up during your next shopping trip.


3) PopSugar

The latest scoop on beauty and style from your favorite Sugar crew is easily accessible with this PopSugar app. FabSugar, BellaSugar and all the other Sugar girls, all in one spot making this app a great place to catch up on the latest articles. The visual format of the app makes it easy to click on the articles you want to read, and you can save articles to read later.


4) InStyle Hairstyle Try On

InStyle’s Hairstyle Try On app allows you to upload your own picture and try out different hairstyles from a selection of celebrity hairstyles. The app determines your face shape (I’m a heart shape) and chooses the celebrity styles that will best suit your particular face. After finding your perfect style, the app allows you to save your picture so you can take it to your next hair appointment and show the stylist exactly what you want.


5) Hair Cast

The stylista’s ultimate weather app. Hair Cast not only gives you the weather forecast for your current location, but also gives you hairstyle tips based on the current weather and humidity level and your hair type, so you can have a great hair day any day. Now that’s my kind of forecast!

 6) Videolicious

Creating your own beauty and style videos is simple with Videolicious. The app allows you to choose from your own pictures and videos and add voiceover and music to create your own video masterpiece. You can easily create your own travel documentaries, daily vlogs, even haul videos with Videolicious’ detailed video instructions. You can even try your luck at editorial videos and send them directly to top magazines like SELF, ReadyMade and Lucky.

 7) Gilt

Quick access to all the latest flash luxury sales on Gilt without having to check your e-mail. Browse through the latest fashion and beauty sales Gilt has to offer and make purchases all with Gilts iPad app, making this one stop shopping app a must-have to snatch up those super cute stilettos for half price.


8 ) Catalogue

Still receiving your favorite catalogs by snail-mail? That’s so 2010! This app has a large selection of all the latest fashion, beauty and home decor catalogs all in one place so you don’t have to worry about checking the mailbox every day (and killing trees!) See something you like? Instead of adding a sticky note or dog-earring a catalog page, with this app you can simply click on the item and it takes you to the website for direct purchase. Did I mention you can save trees!?

 9) ShopStyle

 ShopStyle is the ultimate online shopping experience for that smart shopper who knows exactly what they want. With an archive of clothes, shoes, beauty items and accessories from 1000s of retailers on the web, ShopStyle makes finding exactly what you want quick and intuitive. You can easily filter search items by size, brand, price and color making finding that purple maxi dress for under $200 a cinch. Click on the item you want and you’re immediately taken to the online retailer for purchase.


10) LivingSocial

Group buying sites like LivingSocial are the latest fad in shopping. Daily deals on things like facials, massages, dance lessons, even travel hot-spots all based on your location. Thanks to LivingSocial I can’t remember the last time I paid full price for a beauty treatment, and its a great way to test out a new salon or spa.. why pay full price?