Hot Mom Stays in Shape


It's fun to hear the tricks of the trade on how celeb moms stay fit. However, there's nothing better than to hear the inside scoop & tips on a REAL working mom staying in ROCKI'N shape!


My motivation when I hit my gym? It's called...Shannon!


Shannon is a busy mom of 2 precious girls, full time teacher, wife and twin sister! She can beat me in spin class, rock a tank top like no other and has guns of steel!


Of course I had to get the skinny on how this superwoman handles it all (and basically just wanted the scoop on how to look as FAB as she does, lol!)


Here's Shannon's fit and healthy tips!


LH: You are a busy mom of two and always on the go! How do you stay motivated to work out after working all day & onto your next job as mom?


Shannon: I make working out a priority most days of the week. I truly enjoy the hour to myself. Working out relieves stress and gives me a chance to reflect on my day. My motivation comes from the inner piece and sanity that only a good workout can provide. Every day is a new day and that is the way I see each workout.


LH: How often do you workout and details! How long are your sessions and what type of workouts do you do (run, bike, elliptical, weights, abs, etc.)? Do you have a favorite workout move or tip that you see the most results?


Shannon: I generally work out 4-5 times a week and I love to mix up my workouts. I can't do the same workout every day. Boring! I typically do 2- 3 days of cardio (running on the treadmill or the elliptical) mixed with 2-3 days of weight training (pump class and upper body). My favorite is the cardio sculpt class which combines cardio and weights. When I'm on the treadmill or the elliptical my goal is always 3+ miles. Spin class is another of my favorites and has become a Saturday morning ritual. I have been running more lately doing intervals. Running at a comfortable speed (6.5) for one minute then at the highest speed that I can possibly go (anywhere from 8.0-10.0) for one minute. This is always a struggle for me, but I see big results in my endurance and speed. I am very competitive so trying to beat my last speed is a game that I play which keeps it fun.


LH: Eating healthy is as important as keeping up your workouts. What snacks and munchies do you have during the day?


Shannon: I'm not a big snacker. I eat 3 meals a day. When I snack it's typically something that my girls are eating: goldfish, cheezits, or twizzlers. We're always stocked with fruits: apples, bananas, pears. So when I'm hungry they are always at my fingertips. My girls love fruits too so it makes it easy. However, my indulgence is chocolate and I HAVE to eat something chocolate every single day. I definitely don't deny myself any food. I don't believe in diets. Plain and simple, I work out to eat! 


LH: What is your meal schedule like? Do you pre-plan your meals weekly and cook every night or make them up on the go and eat out more?


Shannon: So funny you ask...I'm like clockwork when it comes to mealtime (just ask my husband.) To be honest I don't cook all that often, I leave that to my husband. He will often grill steaks, chicken, and burgers. I do plan our meals each Sunday and we buy for the week. We try not to eat out during the week, but we will often grab a pizza or chick-fil-a.


LH: What is your go to easy healthy meal that the kids love also? (no need for recipe, just basic description)


Shannon: We love spaghetti with whole grain noodles and a favorite casserole is a chicken and rice dish with peas and mushrooms. Simple and yummy!


LH: Ok, spill the beans:) Do you have any personal tips that keep you in check? (ex. no carbs past 9pm, no sugar, allow only 1 meal out a week, small portions, etc. )


Shannon: I try and eat one sweet a day, of course it is something chocolate. I don't snack a whole lot and I don't eat anything after dinner. I don't go overboard with my portion sizes, but I certainly eat until I'm full. I love food (especially desserts) and I love working out so I try and keep this as balanced as I can. I always say that I work out to eat.